SEO Techniques

Some people still often use old school SEO techniques (antiquity) in this era. In this case is submitting their site to search engines .

It is actually legitimate actually used this SEO technique , but it would be nice if you leave it. Let's use the following simple logic.

Try to imagine, when you submit your link to several search engines , that means you are willing to ask search engines to add your website in its database. At the same time, most people who use these old school SEO techniques can't wait to get their web indexed, so backlinks are done.

Surely your website does not just appear (indexed) once you register, there is a grace period that you have to wait to ensure that your website is really indexed.

This is where the irregularity began to exist, when the search engine robots will enter your website into its database, they are suspicious, why the newly created website has links everywhere, this is as a result of the previous action of planting backlinks when the search engine robots have not recognized the website .

Search engines assume that your website is moving, it could be that they use call recorder free and will certainly be underestimated in their eyes.

As a result of that process, it can be that the index process lasts longer or they can also quarantine your website for some time (shandbox) or other things that are bad for your website.

So the best solution for seo tips this time is to do it naturally, that is, don't register your website to search engines, but simply by linking to other websites and even then it shouldn't be done excessively to avoid shandbox.

This way search engines will "feel ashamed" themselves that there is something missing in the database, namely the absence of your website. Even though your own web has become popular among other websites, namely through backlinks that you plant naturally.

Seeing your website has been popular, they immediately quickly enter your website in its database to then be calculated whatever deserves the best position in the search results for a keyword. At this stage also depends on optimization techniques that you do in the future.

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